We just love burgers and ice cream!

As Northwest natives we've always taken pride in the quality of our fresh, locally sourced foods. Runaway Kitchen is no different. Our menu has been carefully crafted with local ingredients to provide our customers with the freshest food.

Did you know that burger styles are highly regional? When we started, we didn't either! Burgers have a rich history with deep roots. We bring historically significant, unusual, and regional burgers to Oregon with the mission to not only showcase different styles but educate people on their historical significance.

Have a menu item suggestion? Let us know! We'd love to bring your creation to life.



It's what's on the inside that counts

Originally, in 2019, we began as The Runaway Float, a small (we still don't know how the two of us fit in there) quirky food cart that specialized in root beer floats and other delicious desserts. After quickly realizing that we have a passion for connecting with people, serving our community, and providing our customers with delicious treats we decided to expand.


Runaway Kitchen was born out of our love for burgers and our drive to provide the best product with locally sourced ingredients. We have a serious passion for food and take immense pride in what we serve.

Give us a try, we think you'll enjoy what we have to offer!

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